While the Cat’s Away.

Due to circumstances beyond their control, a number of my friends are facing the bulk of the frigid days of January alone.  No spouse, partner, children, parent. But instead of being sad or bracing for unbearable loneliness, they’re really looking forward to some alone time. I mean really looking forward to it.IMG_20171124_102344_193Like they’ve got a countdown clock on their phone and have already marked off the days in their fancy new agendas. I’ve heard exciting descriptions of upcoming adventures to new restaurants, highly anticipated museum visits, stacks of books waiting to be devoured, and names of friends they’re hoping to re-connect with. What I haven’t heard a lot about is the missing of the better half. I wonder if alone time is becoming a thing again? Happy New Year.


Like the other Rodin, this woman knows how to make a work of art.

Have you tried the luxury lipsticks from Linda Rodin‘s olio lusso beauty line? During a night of wine drinking and internet trolling, I ordered a bright pink one called Winks. It arrived a few weeks ago and I haven’t been able to stop swiping right–and left. It goes with everything and I’m not just talking about clothes. I’m talking about moods. It’s a spirit lifter, face enhancer, and friend to the sad. It looks bright when it goes on, but not clownish. The intensity of color fades slightly after application, but overall I found that it lingered on the lips through heartfelt conversations, bowls of pasta, (I only nibbled), and sips of wine.

It’s a bit pricey–$38 can buy about six drinks at a typical suburban happy hour–but on the other hand, once you strap this sexiness on, I’m pretty sure you won’t have to worry about paying for drinks during happy hour. rodin

How Was Your Christmas/Hanukkah?

Mine was lovely.  It was nice and restorative to just be and not do for a change.  Just be still.  Just be quiet.  Just be home and surrounded by the people I love the most in the world. There might have been music or an occasional sound coming from the television, but most of all there was peace, quiet and togetherness.  The most beautiful and priceless gift in the world.  vermont.jpg

An Awakening

Today, a new, better version of myself showed up unexpectedly, and boy was I happy it did.

Picture this. A lost/stolen debit card. An unauthorized shopping spree at a Footlocker in Wisconsin. Customer service help from my bank, on the phone from who knows where.  A vow to go into a local friendly branch to get a new card.  A long, exhausting day at work. An afternoon walk with a dual purpose, to clear my head and get my new card.  I arrive at the first branch. “Sorry, we don’t have that machine anymore. You’ll have to go to…”

I don’t think the gentlemen caught my eye roll as I turned and walked out without a goodbye or thank you. Second branch, reached by walking many blocks in the late August humid Manhattan air, “Oh, that card was in your married name, but all your ID is in your maiden name.  We’ll have to mail it to you.  Should take no more than three to five days.”

Now, normally, my sore feet, sweaty body and grouchy disposition would’ve colluded to throw an epic shit-fit, worthy of a Real Housewives of New Jersey cameo. But no. That’s when this new, better version of me showed up.  I took my passport, my work ID, and my school ID back from the local friendly bank branch employee. “Well okay then.  I’ll keep an eye out.”  Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to get mad, in fact I’m sure I was probably mad, just not mad enough.

As I walked back to my office after my unsuccessful journey I tried to understand what alien had taken over my body. Why didn’t I pull my condescension sounding  “Can I talk to your manager? I didn’t even roll my eyes. My mind was peaceful. My mood relaxed.  I’d morphed into a peaceful warrior. And it felt good. That was the secret.  I wanted to feel good and while throwing an epic shit-fit in the middle of the bank might’ve felt good temporarily, was it worth inviting that craziness into my life for even a minute? Somewhere, somehow I knew the answer was no.



Still can’t believe it.  How could such a vibrant being suddenly be no more?   But although there’s a great sense of loss, there’s also a huge wave of gratitude and joy.  What a body of work left behind for all to consume, debate and love.  His story isn’t over. It’s just begun.

Lowering the cost of my candle craziness

I don’t think I’ve ever met a $50 candle I didn’t immediately fall in love with and then immediately ask them to move into my apartment.  Sure there’s been a few breakup and requests to move out, but not many.  diptyquecrackIMG_5112The list is long and winding, but leading the pack is one brand that’s never, ever let me down–Diptyque.  Yes, they are expensive, but it’s just money and the smell.  Ah, the smell.  Let’s put it this way, Diptyque made me appreciate the aroma of Patchouli.  Uh huh.  That magical.  Lately I’ve been finding my favorites at online shops, like Fragrancenet.com.  And when they’re offering 25% off for first time buyers, (yeah, ok, maybe I use more than 1 email address.  Maybe.)  plus free shipping, that adds up to almost a $20 savings for me.  And now, for you.  Enjoy.

All my lady friends are loving this.

Lipglass.  Heroine from MAC.  At dinner, at a bar, in the ladies room.  Every time I take it out to re-apply someone grabs it and goes, “Hey, what’s this?”  Before I can tell them the specifics, they’re swiping their lips–eh, not my favorite thing to see happen–and vowing to purchase.  And so far it looks good on all sorts of complexions.  Stop by your local MAC counter and take it out for a test drive.  

mac1 mac2