Will it grow?

I picked this off of a…well, actually now I can’t remember, but I’m sure I was outside, on my bike.  I hope it roots.  I’ve had it in this water for a week and it still looks ok, so I guess that’s a good sign.  Fingers-crossed because I love making new plants out of old ones. 

Will it grow?
Will it grow?

Snack source

zuccihini bread 288
Need more of this in my life.

It’s 3pm and I’m hungry!  I want a bag of pretzels, a bag of chips, a cookie, a slice of pizza. But what I want to want, is an apple. Or a salad.  Or a handful of grapes.  I want to make better snack choices.  I settled on this.  It was nice, but still a little too sugary.  Do you have any favorites?  Any suggestions will be appreciated.

This works.

Badger Headache Soother

Thankfully, I rarely get headaches, but when I do, I reach for this.  It works.  i don’t know how or why–although I’m sure it has something to do with the natural, high quality peppermint and lavender–it always does the trick.  And how cute is this tube?  

Miracle in a bottle?

I was lucky enough to be invited to a holiday preview event for La Prairie last week. The presentation was quick and painless and it started with an interesting handwriting analysis, (according to the small loops of my o’s, I am going to rule the world one day, so you better be nice to me.) but the real treat came at the end of the event when they gifted the attendees with one product from their signature Skin Caviar Luxe collection. I chose the Skin Caviar Luxe Sleep Mask, and I have to say, it’s a minor miracle in a bottle.  I’ve only used it twice but each time I’ve noticed a change in the texture and look of my skin.  At first I thought it was just a self-imposed self-improvement that I wanted to see, but then other people began to notice and asked me if I’d been at the beach or if I’d taken up running.  Someone even said I had the glow of love.  Maybe I do.   

minor miracle in a pretty blue bottle
minor miracle in a pretty blue bottle

Paper Sale

Does the idea of spending, say, three hours in a office supply store make your hands sweaty with anticipation?  How about scrolling through the virtual aisles of Jet Pens?  Do you have to sit down when you see beautiful, personalized stationary waiting for you atop a pile of J.Crew catalogs and ConEd bills?  If any of this appeals to you on any level, you’re my kind of people! I just don’t think people that like paper and pens and staplers and paperclips and glue sticks and notebooks are possible of doing anything slightly mean spirited or distasteful.  We love words.  We love to read.  We recycleImageWe’re good people.  So my good people, you should really check out the sale they’re having at The Printery.  Because you know what the founders of Google and Apple all used to say when they were setting up shop in their mom’s garage:  Invest in quality business cards, and someone will invest in you.


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