Paper Sale

Does the idea of spending, say, three hours in a office supply store make your hands sweaty with anticipation?  How about scrolling through the virtual aisles of Jet Pens?  Do you have to sit down when you see beautiful, personalized stationary waiting for you atop a pile of J.Crew catalogs and ConEd bills?  If any of this appeals to you on any level, you’re my kind of people! I just don’t think people that like paper and pens and staplers and paperclips and glue sticks and notebooks are possible of doing anything slightly mean spirited or distasteful.  We love words.  We love to read.  We recycleImageWe’re good people.  So my good people, you should really check out the sale they’re having at The Printery.  Because you know what the founders of Google and Apple all used to say when they were setting up shop in their mom’s garage:  Invest in quality business cards, and someone will invest in you.

Shoutout to my favorite devil.

So this is Diablo. Image

When he’s not trying to steal food, beat up the dog, or committing homicide in the hallway, he can be a pretty friendly guy.  It’s always nice to remind yourself of someone’s good qualities when you’re about to bashish them to the rough, alley-cat filled streets of New York City.  Yes, remember their good qualities, and take a few deep breaths.

Paw Protection

After years of having to pick my puppy up to navigate the salt spread all over the sidewalks before, during and after snowstorms, I finally found a great foul weather-rain boot-paw protector for his feet.  They’re rubber balloon shaped boots that fit over his paws called Pawz.  They’re easy to slip on and easy to get off.  My pup gives me minimal hassle about putting them on, and they seem to be comfortable for him to walk in. They say they’re disposible, but I found if you rinse them off when you come in from outside, they’re practically like new after they dry.  They’re not cheap cheap–I mean when you think about it, what is it? A slightly thicker balloon than you’d find at a four year olds birthday party?–so what you’re paying for is the idea, and I’d have to say it’s worth it.  

Movie Date in Bed with Myself

I re-watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s over the weekend. Such a lovely movie, and so controversial for its time.  But what really struck me was what was left after you got past the sheer beauty ofImage Audrey Hepburn’s wardrobe and George Peppard’s boyish good looks.  That little movie tackled some pretty heavy-duty topics. There was pedophila, adultery, male and female prostitution, death, discrimination, alcoholism, drug abuse, writers block, self-doubt, unrequited love, self hate, and mental illness. i love a movie that gives you something new with each viewing, while still managing to inspire you with great beauty.  I guess that’s what elevates it from great fun to great art. 

P.T.A. a/k/a Public Transportation Anxiety

There was a terrible accident involving a bus in Greenwich Village yesterday morning.  As I was getting ready for work the news reports pouring out of the radio repeatedly mentioned, “One dead,”  I took a shower saying a silent prayer for the poor commuter or cyclist that must’ve been that one fatality, but later in the day I learned that one fatality was the bus driver. The poor man was thrown from his seat, through his windshield, then crushed by his bus. Immediately I wondered if he was wearing his seatbelt.  I thought back to all the times I’d stepped onto a city bus and had casually glanced at the driver who’d be in control of my safety for the next half hour or so.  I don’t think I ever noticed a seatbelt.  Certainly not the across the body type.  But what disturbed me more than the fact that I hadn’t noticed a seatbelt was the fact that I’d never really noticed the driver.  Basic things, like if they were male or female, black or white, registered.  But I’d be hard pressed to remember things like eye color, hair color, height, weight. I’m not responsible for a bus load or subway car full of people.  I wouldn’t want the pressure.  But as the saying goes, Somebody has to do it, and between angry customers, broken equipment, and annoying promotions, they have a lot on their plate. So thank you train operators, bus drivers and subway conductors.  I appreciate what you do.  I pay $2.50 to go hither and yon.  Sometimes you pay a much higher price to get me there safely.Image


These boots were made for snow.

New York City is about to get hit with some nasty winter weather.  I’m talking about wind, snow, and single digit temps.  We’ve already been through this a few times in this short year  and I’ve done pretty okay with my old Hunter boots, which I think are technically for rain, but can handle snow duty, too.  But now I think it’s time to invest in a pair of nasty winter weather specific boots because this nasty winter weather just doesn’t seem like it’s going to quit anytime soon.  I’m thinking about getting a pair these Sorel’s.

sorel winter fancy tall

Anybody out there have experience with this company?  If so, I’d love to know what you think.